From senior to freshman…


Going from the top of the pack as a senior in high school then falling back down to the bottom the following year isn’t the most exciting, but we all go through it! To smooth out the transition, here’s a brief guide to help you adjust to the differences between high school and college: 




  • High school: Your parent or guardian had to call in your absence.
  • College: Although you are still required a valid reason for missing class, it’s your decision. You don’t need a parent to call you in sick; however, it’s still necessary to send your professor an email if you know you’ll be out. 

Bathroom policy


  • High school: You probably needed a pass or asked your teacher to leave the classroom for the bathroom.
  • College: No need to ask; just leave the room quietly and then return.  

Homework / reading assignments


  • High school: You might have had the mentality of just copying a friend’s homework if you didn’t complete your own on time. Maybe you felt everything was just “busy work,” so you didn’t want to do it.
  • College: If you don’t do it, you won’t know it. The big difference is that you’re here at Lewis University because you chose to be (you also paid to be here), so there’s no reason to waste your time.



  • High school: You were stuck in the same building for 7-8 hours a day, and told when and where to be at almost all times.
  • College: You’re in class less often than you were in high school, thus there is a lot more free time to be had. Since you don’t get a study hall/homeroom period in college, you need to find your own time to work on assignments and study.



  • High school: Probably as not necessary to check everyday because important messages were sent to your parents via email, phone call or a letter home.
  • College: Email is how Lewis and your professors will get in contact with you. Your parents are no longer a factor when it comes to sending you information. Also if a professor has an announcement, such as a cancelled class, you’ll find out via email. Make sure to check this frequently!

8 reasons to look forward to school starting

August… the “Sunday” of summer break. Although the thought of summer ending and school beginning might be somewhat cringe-worthy for some of us, there is a positive side to this. 

Remember a new school year brings…  

  1. Time to see friends and meet new people
  2. A change of scenery
  3. A fresh start
  4. New goals
  5. A chance to do/try something new
  6. New learning experiences
  7. Structure through routine and a schedule
  8. Being another year older (Yes, sophomores feel free to embrace no longer being a freshman!) 

…And not to mention, fall weather and pumpkin-flavored everything. A little change in perspective can make all the difference! 

See you next week, Flyers! 

Are you ready to come back to Lewis?

It’s hard to believe the summer is coming to an end, and the start of a new semester is right around the corner. To get ready for the new school year ahead, we have provided you with a mini “back-to-Lewis” checklist: 

  1. Buy textbooks and get supplies: Beat the rush and get these ahead of time before the shelves clear out.
  2. Find your way: Come to campus before the semester begins and locate your classes. This is especially handy for freshmen, but upperclassmen as well.
  3. Print your schedule: Do this the day before the start of the semester as classroom assignments change over the summer on occasion (most business classes regularly held in Benlide on the Romeoville campus will be held in St. Charles Borromeo this semester). Make sure you have the most updated version with you.
  4. Leave early: Be sure to set your alarm a little earlier than usual if you’re a commuter, as the parking lots in the beginning of the semester tend to be really crowded. This goes for residents as well, because nobody wants to make a poor first impression by walking in late.